Debut: August 10, 2012

Disbanded: August 2015

2 Members (3 former)

Entertainment: Stardom Entertainment

Debut Song: Get Up

Fandom: Vollers

Twitter: https://twitter.com/evolstardom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvoLStardom

Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/EvoL


Stage Name: Say (세이)

Name: Kwon So Hee (권소희)

Birthday: April 12, 1993

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Blood Type: B

Height: 170 cm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/supeKarts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/supekarts#


Stage Name: Jucy (쥬시)

Name: Kim Jun Hee (김준희)

Birthday: April 24, 1992

Position: Main Rapper

Blood Type: O

Height: 167 cm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JUNI920424

~Former Members~


Stage Name: Hayana (하야나)

Name: Kristine Yoon (크리스틴 윤)

Birthday: October 11, 1993

Position: Lead Vocalist

Blood Type: A

Height: 169 cm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kristineyoon

Instagram: http://instagram.com/kristine1011#


Stage Name: Yull (율)

Name: Im Yuri (임유리)

Birthday: March 16, 1992

Position: Main Vocalist

Blood Type: B

Height: 171 cm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/llluri

Instagram: http://instagram.com/yuriiiii316


Stage Name: J-Da (제이다)

Name: Kim Yeonju (김연주)

Birthday: January 1, 1994

Position: Maknae, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Blood Type: O

Height: 167 cm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NiceYJ_

Instagram: http://instagram.com/kkkkkimyeonjoo#


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