Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol

Title: 주간 아이돌

English Title: Weekly Idol

Genre: Variety

Number of Episodes: 138+

Broadcast network: MBC Every1

Broadcast period: July 23, 2010 – present

Hosts: Jeong Hyeong Don & Defconn

Games & co:

Random Play Dance: Songs which are promoted by the guests were played and the guests should dance to the song. The track is switching between points of the song or another ones. If one doing the moves wrong they lose.

DoniConi Idol Callcenter: This game is going to prepared 24 hours before the cast. Fans of the idols that coming next can leave a message for the idols which going to be revealed by them at the show.

Win Against Idol: This game is played together with the MCs. The winner get’s a special price and the loser get’s a physical punishment from the winners.

Grill Idol: The idols should answer questions right. If they answering right, they get grilled hanwoo beef.

Profile Verification: The MCs collecting profile, info, facts and rumors about the idols and making a profile card.

Real Chart! Idol Self-Ranking: The idols where asked to rank each other for different topics (like who looks the best or eats the most).

Inifnite @ Weekly Idol


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