Star King


Title: 놀라운 대회 스타킹

English Title: Star King

Genre: reality television, comedy

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: January 13, 2007 – present




Viewers upload video showing unusual events and stories to the website. People and animals with unusual skills are invited to present this skills infront of the audience and some invited celebrities. The audience votes for their favorite person, video or story. The prize money is awarded to the contestant with the most votes. The show is composed of four segments:

Only This (딸랑 이거): The people present their humorous or unusual skill.
Train Me! (키워주세요): For contestants seeking to be famous.
Diet King (다이어트 킹): This sement is focused on people attempting to lose weight.
Find the Hanbam Reporter (한밤 리포터를 찾아라): The contestants originally auditioned on Star King.




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