Salamander Guru and the Shadows

Salamander guru

Title: 도롱뇽도사와 그림자 조작단 (Dolongnyong Dosawa Geulimja Jojagdan)

English Title: Salamander Guru and the Shadows

Genre: Sitcom

Episodes: 10

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: January 27, 2012 to March 30, 2012



The thiefs Seon Dal and Won Sam become Salamander Guru with the help of the super brain and hacker Min Hyeok. The real Guru has dementia.
Min Hyeok is looking for his father who was murderd by mister X.


  • Oh Dal Soo  as Seon Dal
  • Im Won Hee  as Won Sam
  • Minho  as Min Hyeok
  • Ryu Hyun Kyung  as Kyung Ja
  • Lee Byung Joon  as Bum Gyu
  • Kim Kyu Sun  as Kyu Sun




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