Title: 인기가요 (Ingigayo)

Genre: Music, Entertainment

No. of Episodes: 766+

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast period: December 15, 1991 – October 17, 1993, February 1, 1998 – present



The chart show shows the most popular korean artist who perform live on stage.


1991 – 1993

  • Seo Saw Won
  • Bae Chul Su, Kim Hee Sun

1998 – 2007

  • Kim Seung Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun
  • Lee Dong Gun, Kim Gyuri
  • Kim Jin, Kim So Yeon
  • Ahn Jae Mo, Kim Min Hee
  • Ahn Jae Mo, Son Tae Young
  • Song Chang Hwan, So Yoo Jin
  • Lee Jong Su, Soo Yoo Jin
  • Kim Jae Won, Kim Jung Hwa
  • Kim Jeong Hoon, Kim Jung Hwa
  • Kangta, Yu min
  • Kim Dong Wan, Park Han Byul
  • Kim Dong Wan, Han Ye Seul
  • Andy, Park Hye Won
  • Andy, Han Hyo Joo
  • Koo Hye Sun, Kim Hee Chul

2007 – present

Image Image


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