Debut: June 18, 2014

4 Members

Entertainment: Rainbow Bridge

Debut Song: Mr. Ambiguous






Solar (1)

Stage Name: Solar (솔라)

Name: Kim Yong Sun (김용선)

Birthday: February 21, 1991

Birthplace: Seoul

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 45 kg

moonbyul (1)

Stage Name: Moon Byul (문별)

Name: Moon Byul Yi (문별이)

Birthday: December 22, 1992

Birthplace: Bucheon

Position: Lead Rapper. Lead Dancer

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 45 kg

wheein (1)

Stage Name: Whee In (휘인)

Name: Jung Whee In (정휘인)

Birthday: April 17, 1995

Birthplace: Jinju

Position: Lead Vocal, Main Dancer

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 43 kg

whasa (1)

Stage Name: Wha Sa (화사)

Name: Ahn Hye Jin (안혜진)

Birthday: July 23, 1995

Birthplace: Jeonju

Blood Type: A

Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocal, Maknae

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 44 kg


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