Attack On The Pin-Up Boys

Attack On The Pin-Up Boys

Title: 꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건 (kkotminim yeonswae tereosageon)

English Title: Attack On The Pin-Up Boys / Flower Boys’ Series of Terror Events

Genre: Teen, Mystery, Comedy

Release Date: July 26, 2007

Running Time: 81 Minutes


A mystery case where pretty and popular flower boys getting attacked with foul-smelling dung. Soon every high-school student from different high-schools is interested in who the next victim is, since everyone who got attacked became a national star. The next should be from the Neul Paran High-Shool and one of 3 boys is supposed to be the next victim. Who is the next who gets the fame?


  • Kibum as the narrator and “detective boy”
  • Siwon as student body president
  • Heechul as Ultra Junior leader
  • Kangin as Judo Society captain
  • Sungmin as Flower Boy Victim #1, the popular pretty boy
  • Hangeng as Flower Boy Victim #2, the basketball player
  • Yesung as Flower Boy Victim #3, the rock star
  • Donghae as Ultra Junior member and Kibum’s best friend
  • Eunhyuk as Judo Society member
  • Shindong as Ultra Junior member
  • Ryeowook as student body vice president / School Panda mascot
  • Leeteuk as School Panda mascot


  • Kyuhyun couldn’t take part in the movie since he was in recovery from the car accident on April 19, 2007.



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