Secret Love (KARA)

Title: 시크릿 러브 (Shikeurit Reobeu)

English Title: Secret Love

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Episodes: 5

Broadcast network: DRAMAcube

Broadcast period: June 13, 2014 to July 11, 2014


Episode 1: Missing You

“Jang Hyun Jin” died saving his love “Min Ji Hye”. She travells back to the moment they met the first time to prevent this first meeting. So she wants to prevent the accident he died with this action.

Han Seung Yeon  as Min Ji Hye
Yun Woo Jin  as Jang Hyun Jin
Song Jae Rim  as time slip helper
Jung Hye In  as Yoon Joo Young

Episode 2: The Thirteenth Bucket List

“Hyun Jung” often had bellyache. Too late she find’s out that she has cancer. She makes a list, what she want to do before she dies. She has 3 month left. One day she meets “Joon Moon” who wants to kill hisself.

Goo Ha Ra  as Hyun Jung
Kim Young Kwang  as Joon Moon

Episode 3: Lilac

After she fainted “So Yul” is she in the hospital. With “Hyun Joon” who belongs to the girl lying in the bed next to So Yul gains some nice memories. But So Yul can hear noise that no one else hear and it semms to be like she’s the only one who can hear Hyun Joo’s voice.

Kang Ji Young  as So Yul
Bae Soo Bin  as Hyun Joon
Kim Seo Ra  as So Yul’s mother

Episode 4: A Seven Day Summer

“Melly” was living in America and went back to Korea for her inheritance from her father. But she has to make a puzzle before and “Tae Yang” who is always running away because he has to pay a gang 50 million won. But there is something mystery about Mellys father and a mysterious magician.

Nicole Jung  as Melly
Lee Kwang Soo  as Tae Yang

Episode 5: Have You Ever Had Coffee with an Angel?

“Park Sun Woo” was always in love with “Woo Bin”. After chasing him to Jeju Island the friendly Guardian Angel No. 2013 emerges and wants to help her getting Woo Bin’s attention. Slowly Woo Bin falls in love with Sun Woo but Angel No. 2013 too.

Park Gyu Ri  as Park Sun Woo
Ji Chang Wook  as Guardian Angel No. 2013

Secret Love   

Secret Love      


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