Superstar K

Title: 슈퍼스타 K

English Title: Superstar K

Number of Seasons: 6

Broadcast network: M.NET

Broadcast period: 2009 – Present


This talent show is the biggest audition program in South korea. The concept is to find the next superstar. The winner each week determined with a combination of the scores given by judges and votes from viewers.

Season 1

Top 10:
1. Seo In Guk
2. Jo Moon Geun
3. Gil Hak Mi
4. Park Tae Jin
5. Kim Joo Wang
6. Park Semi
7. Jung Sun Gook
8. Park Narae
9. Lee Jin
10. Park Jae Eun

Lee Seung Chul
Lee Hyori
Yang Hyun Suk

Season 2

Top 10:
1. Huh Gak
2. John ParkFile:Superstar K2.jpg
3. Jang Jae In
4. Kang Seung Yoon
5. Kim Ji Su
6. Kim Eun Bi
7. Park Boram
8. Andrew Nelson
9. Kim Greem
10. Kim So Jung

Lee Seung Chul
Uhm Jung Hwa
Yoon Jong Shin

Season 3

Top 10:
1. Ulala Session
2. Busker BuskerFile:Superstar K3.jpg
3. Togeworl
4. Christina Love Lee
5. Kim Do Hyun
6. Shin Ji Soo
7. Chris Golightly
8. Lee Gun Yul
9. Lee Jung Ah
10. Min Hoon Ki

Lee Seung Chul
Yoon Mi Rae
Yoon Jong Shin

Season 4

Top 10:
1. Roy KimFile:Superstar K4.png
2. DickPunks
3. Jung Joon Young
4. Hong Dae Kwang
5. Eddy Kim
6. Yoo Seung Woo
7 . Honey G
8. Ahn Ye-Seul
9. Yeon Gyu-Sung
10. Kye Bum-Joo

Lee Seung Chul
Yoon Mi Rae
Yoon Gun

Season 5

Winner – Kim Jae JungFile:superstar k5.jpg
Runner-up – Park Shi Hwan

Lee Seung Chul
Yoon Jong Shin
Lee Ha Neul


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