Title: 파파

English Title: Papa

Genre: Comedy, family

Release date: February 2, 2012

Runnng Time: 118 minutes




Choon-sub is a talent manager who flies to America to chase after his client who ran away with another manager. In America he agrees to a contract marriage and because of that he has now six children. Choon-sub soon recovers that his eldest daughter June is a great singer and dancer. Because Choon-sub is in need of money, he convinces her to take part in a reality TV show contest. June doesn’t want to do this but Choon-sub is the only chance to keep the siblings together and not be relocated in different homes, she agrees.


Park Yong Woo  as Choon-sub
Go Ah Ra  as June
Son Byung Ho  as Company president Do
Michael Anthony McMillan  as Gordon
Meg Kelly as Maya
Parker Townsend as Jimmy
Peyton Townsend as Tammy
Angela Azar as Rosie
Yoon Seung Hoon as Yang Moo
Sharyn Shields as Phoebe, of the Children’s Bureau
Jeremiah Hobbs as Phoebe’s subordinate
Leland L. Jones as Immigration agent
Albert Lee as Immigration agent



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