G-Friend | Girlfriend


Debut: January 15, 2015

6 Members

Entertainment: Source Music

Debut Song: Glass Bead

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gfrdofficial

Instagram: http://instagram.com/g.friend

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gfrdofficial

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/gfrdofficial

Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/gfrdofficial


Stage Name: Sowon (소원)

Name: Kim So Jung (김소정)

Birthday: December 7, 1995

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper

Blood Type: A

Height: 172 cm

Skills: Walking the catwalks, Cooking, Fashion coordination

• She’s former DSP trainee


Stage Name: Yerin (예린)

Name: Jung Ye Rin (정예린)

Birthday: August 19, 1996

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Blood Type: O

Height: 167 cm

Skills: Dance,  Exercise


Stage Name: Eunha (은하)

Name: Jung Eun Bi (정은비)

Birthday: May 3, 1997

Position: Vocalist

Blood Type: O

Height: 163 cm

Skills: Acting


Stage Name: Yuju (유주)

Name: Choi Yu Na (최유나)

Birthday: October 4, 1997

Position: Main Vocalist

Blood Type: B

Height: 169 cm

Skills: Writing lyrics, composition

Instruments: Guitar


Stage Name: SinB (신비)

Name: Hwang Eun Bi (황은비)

Birthday: June 3, 1998

Position: Vocalist, Face of the Group, Dancer

Blood Type: AB

Height: 165 cm

Skills: Acting, Exercise


Stage Name: Umji (엄지)

Name: Kim Ye Won (김예원)

Birthday: August 19, 1998

Position: Maknae, Vocalist

Blood Type: O

Height: 163 cm

Languages: Korean, English


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